A super moon and a lunar eclipse will occur simultaneously on September 27

A super moon and a lunar eclipse will occur simultaneously on September 27

Lately, celestial bodies are increasingly delighting us with their unusual position and combination.

Many people know that the Moon’s orbit cannot boast of a perfectly round shape and therefore (from time to time) it approaches the Earth very close. And due to this fact, on September 27, earthlings will be able to observe not only a lunar eclipse, but also such an event as a super moon at the same time. For the last time, such a blow of cosmic phenomena was observed in the distant 1982.

The super-moon occurs when the moon approaches the Earth at 50 thousand km. closer than usual days. Also important is the fact that such a double event is observed quite rarely. Just over an hour, this rare astronomical phenomenon can be seen in such parts of the Earth as North and South America, Africa, of course, in Europe and in Western Asia (not everywhere).

NASA experts said that the Super Moon is happening every year and this phenomenon is devoid of any mysterious areola. On September 27, during the full moon, the Moon will be very close to our planet (perigee). Perigee refers to the state when the moon is located very close to the Earth, and the apogee, on the contrary, when our planet and the moon are at the maximum distance from each other. At the end of September, the Moon will be in perigee and people will be able to enjoy 14% more night light (while its physical facets will not be increased in any way and the size will remain the same) than usual, and it will also be 30% brighter than always. The lunar eclipse is very easy to predict and it is enough to know only the location of the three celestial bodies at a particular moment. But to make this phenomenon take place during the super-moon, it is quite difficult, because this indicator depends on the dynamics of the planetary scale. The three objects, the Sun, the Moon and, accordingly, the Earth should be one clear line and the latter should take a middle position so that the sun's rays do not fall on its satellite.

And finally, all those who do not have time, will be able to enjoy the sunrise of the “bloody moon” in 2033.

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