Rare blue bloody moon

Rare blue bloody moon

In various territories of our planet, it will be possible to admire the huge bloody Moon created by the coincidence of three events: the blue moon, the super moon and the total eclipse.

NASA representatives called the future spectacle a “supernova blue moon”. Americans can watch from the western United States. The earth satellite will cross the planet's shadow and turn a bloody color.

If the weather does not deteriorate, then the event will fully open to the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii. Also lucky people of Australia and Asia.

The last time the total lunar overlap fell on 1982, and the total lunar eclipse of the blue moon - 1866th. Usually the term “blue” is used for the second full moon in a month. A super-moon occurs when a satellite is located at the closest point to Earth. At the moment of perihelion, the Moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter. Sometimes the moon becomes bloody due to the effect of sunsets and sunrises, where the light reflects from the satellite. Light has to move over long distances, because of which light waves “jump” in different ways.

How to observe?

The bloody moon will be available for most of Europe, South America and Africa. If you live in a different place or the weather gets in the way, you can enjoy the live broadcast on NASA.gov.

If you miss the event, then the next eclipse of the blue moon falls on the year 2028. But it will not seem so large-scale, since the satellite will not come so close to the planet. Another will happen in the 2037th. For the observations do not need any equipment. Just go out and enjoy the spectacle.

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