Total lunar eclipse of January 20-21, 2019

Total lunar eclipse of January 20-21, 2019

A total lunar eclipse will last about an hour. At this time, you can watch the moon, whose surface appears red

Residents of North and South America, as well as most of Europe and Africa will be able to admire the total lunar eclipse expected on the night of the 20th to the 21st of January, 2019. This is an important event that will not happen until 2022.

If you live in Europe or Africa, then you should watch before the sun rises. For those who live in North and South America, you should choose a time in the middle of the night. Full Moon will be in the shadow of the earth from 03:34 to 06:51 (GTM). You will understand that the event began when the shadow on the left will hide part of the earth satellite. A total lunar eclipse will last about an hour.

At this time, you will still see the moon, but its surface will appear red. There is no evil sign in it, although it is often called “bloody.” The fact is that a small amount of sunlight is refracted by the atmosphere of our planet and reaches the moon, bending around the edge of the Earth. It also makes the satellite sometimes appear pink or orange. Prepare to see in the sky not the usual bright white disk, but the dim and red moon. And it will be 10,000 times dimmer than usual. Total lunar eclipses occur 1-3 times a year, after which you need to wait for the next 3 years. So this is the last chance to enjoy the spectacle before a long break. The following can be seen on May 16, 2022 from the territory of Europe.

But you will not be left without astronomical phenomena, because there are private lunar eclipses. Full carried out when the Earth is located between the Moon and sunlight. Unlike a solar eclipse, there is no need to acquire special glasses or filters, because the earth satellite does not create its own light, but only reflects the star.

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