Ilon Musk is still hiding the details of the design of the future "Martian" rocket

Ilon Musk is still hiding the details of the design of the future

The SpaceX company promises to send the first colonists to Mars in the coming years. But CEO Ilona Mask has a habit of torturing the public without providing all the details. How can you deliver thousands of people to another planet? And will his vaunted rocket be ready?

Rocket Mask has a long history of creation and renaming, so many are still confused. Yes, and the design itself is different from the one that Musk described initially. He says testing points to weaknesses and his staff constantly make adjustments.

Now go through the names. The first was MCT - Mars Colonial Transporter (transport for Martian colonists). It was the first abbreviation, which a few months later Musk replaced by ITS - Interplanetary Transport System. The name change was a hint that Musk is not preparing a one-time trip to Mars, but an advanced transport system capable of making flights between different planets. In the future, this transport will be able to transport us throughout the solar system. Initially, Musk even indicated the price for a ticket - $ 200,000.

Ilon Musk is still hiding the details of the design of the future

SpaceX rocket size comparison

Then it's time for the famous abbreviation BFR - Big Fucking Rocket (damn big rocket) or Big Falcon Rocket. This name was supposed to reflect the scale of the idea and the large size of the rocket itself. In fact, it is the most powerful rocket in the world, superior to SpaceX's Falcon Heavy. Musk said that the BFR will be comparable to the simultaneous operation of engines of 120 Boeing 747 aircraft.

In 2017, Musk gave a demonstration of the model of the rocket, when he also announced the future tourist flight to Yusaku Maedzawa around the moon. The media were able to find out that the company decided to increase the length and review the details of the rocket design.

Mask still does not disclose details and does not present a full-fledged design, because it often changes. There is a high probability that we will see the finished rocket already at the final testing stage. Mask planned to send the first cargo to Mars in 2022, and two years later - the first people. But SpaceX does not always succeed in adhering to its own deadlines. Therefore, it remains only to wait.

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