The SpaceF BFR rocket is preparing to send a passenger on a moon cruise

The SpaceF BFR rocket is preparing to send a passenger on a moon cruise

Artistic vision of the SpaceX BFR orbiting the Moon

Ilon Musk does not slow down and is already preparing to break into the industry of space tourism! “Private Passenger” has signed up for a trip around the moon aboard the SpaceX BFR spacecraft. About this company representatives reported via Twitter on September 13. September 17, Ilon Musk will share the details in the live broadcast.

Back in February 2017, SpaceX announced that two people had signed up for a week-long flight around the moon, which should be launched before the end of 2018. This mission was to use the crew capsule and Falcon Heavy missiles.

In June 2018, there were rumors that the flight was postponed until 2019 and beyond. But company representatives said that the mission is still on the to-do list, but a clear time frame is not being discussed. On Monday, Musk should make public the details and, perhaps, tell about the mysterious passenger. BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) is still in development. It will be the most powerful rocket and spacecraft capable of carrying 100 or more passengers to Mars and back. Musk says that both elements can be reused.

The main task of BFR is to help expand the colonies on the Red Planet. About this Ilon Musk spoke back in 2002. But the ship plans to perform a different range of tasks. In SpaceX, they intend to phase out all their own missiles and hand over to the BFR the reins of government. The plans also include launching satellites that could clear the orbit of debris, the creation of ultra-fast earth trains and travel to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

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