Ilon Musk renamed the Martian rocket again

Ilon Musk renamed the Martian rocket again

The Martian rocket Ilona Mask was renamed three times.

Entrepreneur Ilon Musk renames his own rocket aimed at Mars for the third time, calling it a Starship (“Starship”). The founder of SpaceX announced on November 19th that his space tourism company is planning to rebuild its largest spacecraft, which is still in the process of being created. The later version is planned to be used for flights beyond the orbit of the Sun.

Earlier, Musk called the ship Mars Colonial Transporter (MCT - “Martian colonial transport), then he became the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS -“ interplanetary transport system ”). The last name is the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) changed to Starship. Expect that the rocket will be able to deliver a million passengers to Mars. In the near future, it is used to send the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maesawa and a group of artists to the lunar orbit. The reason for the change of name was the processing of the spacecraft. Launch vehicles will now be called Super Heavy.

Ilon Musk seeks to make Starship the farthest interplanetary spacecraft, which will eclipse all previous developments of the company. Starship has not yet been created, but Musk says that already in 2023, he will bring the first passenger to Maesawa into orbit around the moon. The trip should last about a week.

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