SpaceX will build a mini version of the BFR-rocket

SpaceX will build a mini version of the BFR-rocket

Artistic vision of BFR spacecraft from SpaceX on the surface of Mars

The company Ilona Mask SpaceX in the coming years is ready to begin flight tests of key components of the design of a Martian spacecraft. The plan involves upgrading the upper stage of the working Falcon 9 rocket to create a mini version of the BFR rocket. Orbital flight is scheduled for June 2019.

BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) is a giant SpaceX reusable launcher that will help you advance your astronaut launch mission to Mars. In theory, each new missile (BFS) will be able to transport 100 people and is designed for many trips to the Red Planet and back.

The upcoming modification of Falcon 9 will help SpaceX understand the most demanding flight modes. The new, reworked upper stage will not perform a breakthrough landing on Earth, as has already been done for 30 Falcon 9. Ilon Musk writes that a place in South Texas will become a test base. If all goes well, the BFR-BFS duet will be able to start transporting people to Mars as early as the mid-2020s. The long-term goal is to help create cities for a million people on the Red Planet over the next 50-100 years.

SpaceX envisions the transfer of all its space missions to BFR and BFS. As a result, SpaceX will be able to provide any services: from launching satellites into orbit, cleaning space debris to transporting people to other planets.

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