Ilon Musk reflects on moving to Mars

Ilon Musk reflects on moving to Mars

In September 2018, Ilon Musk introduced the first passenger on a private lunar flight from SpaceX

Ilon Musk said that there is a 70% chance that he will personally go to Mars during his life, although he understands that there is a high probability of death. The founder of SpaceX told reporters that over the next 7 years, trips to Mars will be available for several hundred thousand dollars per ticket. Therefore, he seriously thinks about moving to the Red Planet.

This year, the name Mask appeared in several scandalous stories, including the famous moment when he smoked marijuana live. For this, he inherited from the leadership of NASA. However, his space company has been operating since 2001 with the long-term goal of colonizing Mars. The red planet will be a great insurance if the Earth faces a global catastrophe.

Some believe that Mars will be a haven for the rich and famous, but Musk disagrees. He says: “Such a trip would be like a Shackleton trip to Antarctica. This is an incredibly difficult test. Virtually it all comes down to the fact that any mistake will lead to death. But do not think that after a safe landing you will find a resort. We will have to work hard to build a base. And if there is time to rest, what will you do in an untapped harsh environment? ”. However, Musk is optimistic about the colony: “Yes, everything looks hard. But there are a lot of people who climb the mountains. Too many died on Everest, but this does not discourage anyone from conquering the peaks. ”

Not only Ilon Musk is interested in the colonization of Mars. Last week, a NASA Insight probe landed on the surface of the Red Planet. He must drill a hole and measure the internal heat, earthquakes and meteorite impacts, recording vibrations. SpaceX also collaborates to deliver astronauts to the ISS. The first flights will begin in June 2019.

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