Moon mission Ilona Mask will be broadcast in virtual reality

Moon mission Ilona Mask will be broadcast in virtual reality

The image shows how the BFR system looks.

Let's hope that VR systems (virtual reality) will be widely distributed in 2023, because many will want to take part in an amazing virtual flight around the moon. This is perfectly feasible if the SpaceX space mission starts as planned.

Ilon Musk remains optimistic after Monday announced the launch of billionaire entrepreneur Yusaku Maedzawa on a tour around the moon as the first passenger tourist. On September 18, Musk wrote a message on Twitter, where he said that people would be able to make the same trip in virtual reality: “It will seem that you are on a real flight.”

Musk also said that by that time the Starlink satellite would be active. This is SpaceX's ambitious plan to create a global satellite broadband connection. In early 2018, the company launched two prototypes. On Monday, Maedzawa said that he had bought all the available seats on the BFR spacecraft, which is still under development. He plans to take with him a group of artists, including writers, musicians, architects and designers, to share with them his impressions.

Musk also published an intriguing image of a woman playing the violin in the zero gravity of the BFR spacecraft against the backdrop of outer space. This suggests that we will be able to see in VR.

BFR, designed for orbital missions and longer flights to Mars, continues to be built. Musk admits that the year 2023 is an approximate approximate date. Real deadlines can stretch out, which gives the VR system more time to develop.

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