Ilon Musk announces the price of a flight to Mars

Ilon Musk announces the price of a flight to Mars

Artistic vision of SpaceX starships on the surface of Mars

If everything goes according to the plan of Ilona Mask, the SpaceX spacecraft will not become a refuge for the super-rich. The price for a seat aboard the Starship interplanetary spacecraft will drop so much that it will be available to most of the population of the industrialized world.

Ilon Musk is sure that the cost of the ticket can go up to $ 500,000 and even go down to $ 100,000 (fly back for free). In fact, if you decide to move permanently to the Red Planet, you can sell the house and get a one-way ticket.

The starship, designed for 100 passengers, will go into Earth orbit using a Super Heavy rocket, after which it will head for Mars (or the Moon). Musk says that the new ship will be able to fly to different parts of the solar system. But the rocket will return to Earth, perform a vertical landing and again set off, as this is a reusable option. It is these missiles and spacecraft that should be the key to success in the ambitious Mask plan to make space flights as accessible as possible. He is particularly proud of the development of Starship: a stainless steel construction, rather than a more expensive carbon composite material (as originally planned).

SpaceX is going to send first missions to Mars with Starship and Super Heavy in the mid-2020s. However, the prototype ship takes off much earlier. The company has already created a small bunker and in the coming weeks / months will conduct a test start.

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