The updated SpaceX rocket launched with a satellite

The updated SpaceX rocket launched with a satellite

The image shows the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket landed in the Atlantic Ocean on May 11, 2018. The first satellite for Bangladesh put into orbit

SpaceX raised the first satellite of Bangladesh on May 11, using an upgraded rocket designed for dozens of repeated flights. Ilon Musk said that this rocket will be able to conduct two launches within 24 hours. But trying out the opportunity hopes next year.

The rocket launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center into a foggy day sky with a Banggandu-1 communications satellite. Then it was possible to carry out a successful landing on the ocean platform. The rocket is going to be disassembled for analysis before a new flight, scheduled in a few months. Mask plans to reduce the time between runs. Falcon 9 is a workhorse for SpaceX, which regularly delivers satellites into orbit and cargo to the ISS. A new and improved model is planned to be used to launch NASA astronauts in 2019. For the new model improved engine performance, strengthened the various parts and strengthened the chassis system.

As a result, Musk plans to ensure that the rocket returns to Earth in a holistic state, and not just the first 60% of the cost. To begin with, he wants to test by running about 30 upgraded Falcon 9, and then switch to the massive BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) model. It is worth noting that Bangladesh is now delighted with the presence of its own satellite for the spread of the Internet throughout the country, as well as ensuring the functioning of emergency services in case of natural disasters.

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