What happens if the earth is flat?

What happens if the earth is flat?

Welcome to 2018! The earth once again circled around the sun. Although, if you believe in the plane of our planet, then this did not happen, as the star rotates along our sky according to this scheme.

For over 1000 years, people have known that the Earth is round. However, faith in the plane of the planet continues to live. There is even a Flat Earth Society, which includes popular people. Let us turn to the principles of physics, which should work for the concept of a flat Earth.

Refuse gravity

We'll have to forget about the usual concepts of gravity and its laws. It is not clear how it will work with a flat model, since gravity explains a wide range of terrestrial and space observations. This force causes the apple to fall from the tree, the moon rotates around us, and the planets move in solar orbit.

People who believe in a flat Earth believe that gravity should go straight down. But there is no evidence that everything will function that way. Everything indicates that gravity will be pulled to the center of the disk. That is, the force will focus on one point. The farther you are from it, the more gravity becomes horizontal.

This leads to strange consequences. For example, all world water should rush to the center, and the plants and trees will grow diagonally.

Sun Problems

The Earth revolves around the Sun, as the star is much more massive and surpasses the planet in gravity. But the Earth will not fall on the Sun, because it moves along the orbital path. That is, solar power does not act alone. The planet is also moving in the direction perpendicular to the star’s gravity tug. If you turn off gravity, the Earth will rush into one line and fly out of the system.

The flat model puts our planet in the center of the universe and does not assume that the sun revolves around the earth. It is more accurate to say that the star rotates over the upper side of the world, like a merry-go-round, radiating down light and heat (the principle of a desk lamp). Without a linear perpendicular impulse to help generate an orbit, it is unclear how much power will be able to keep the Sun and the Moon floating above the Earth.

In addition, it is necessary to abandon satellites. How can they rotate? So far, no one can come up with the concept of earthly spacecraft for a flat model of the Earth.

If the Sun and the Moon get stuck on one side of a flat Earth, then you can create some kind of precession of days and nights. But this does not explain the origin of the seasons and other phenomena. We will also have to reduce the sun so that it does not crash into the planet.

Shift the heavens and the Earth

In the depths of the planet hidden core, generating a magnetic field. In the flat version you need to look for a replacement. Perhaps it will be a flat disk of liquid metal. But he will not be able to rotate in such a way as to create a magnetic field. Without the latter, the charged solar particles would have incinerated the planet long ago. We would become the second Mars, devoid of oceans, atmosphere and air. The tectonic plate movements and seismicity are created by the roundness of the planet. For the flat model there is no explanation. What about falling from the edge of the planet? Proponents of a flat concept installed an “ice wall” protecting against danger.

The map of the planet is also different. In the center is the Arctic, and Antarctica forms the “ice wall”. Forget about comfortable flights. For example, a flight from Australia to certain areas of Antarctica will take forever - you will have to fly around the Arctic and both of America.

All upside down

In fact, educated people never believed in the theory of a flat Earth. We can say that from the 3rd century BC. er almost no one supported this idea. Pythagoras wrote about the roundness of the planet as early as the 6th century BC. e., followed by Aristotle, Euclid and Aristarchus.

Scientists believe that most of this information (as if Columbus and others were trying to refute the idea of ​​the plane) was written by writers in the 19th century. However, it is interesting to provide scenarios for such options.

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