Expedition to the ends of the world. New attempt to prove the plane of the Earth

Expedition to the ends of the world. New attempt to prove the plane of the Earth

We have already touched on the subject of the plane of the Earth in “A convinced supporter of the plane of the Earth launches itself into space” and “Yet the Earth is flat! Ancient prejudices or world conspiracy theory? ”. However, her supporters seem to be moving from words to deeds. At least the first expedition to the ends of the earth is now being planned!

Earth Plane

Expedition to the ends of the world. New attempt to prove the plane of the Earth

Officially, the “flat Earth” is considered an obsolete hypothesis used by ancient people to better understand the picture of the world. The idea is that our planet is made in the form of a flat disk. He could swim in the infinite ocean of the universe or pile up on whales, elephants and a giant turtle.

The Bible also played its role, in which adherents of the earth plane allegedly found 75 verses confirming their hypothesis. This idea is really outdated, since as early as 4th c. BC er Pythagoras spoke of a spherical shape. The evidence base arrived in 330 BC. er from Aristotle. Modern knowledge has clarified the form to the ellipsoid and geoid.

However, all this does not suit the supporters of the plane. They don’t like it so much that in 1956 the Flat Earth Society appeared (but the prerequisites for grouping people appeared much earlier). Among the adherents are tens of thousands of people, among whom there are zealous believers, as well as people convinced of the global conspiracy. They believe that the diameter of the earth's flat disk covers 40,000 km, and the North Pole is located in the center of the whole. Any photos from space - a banal fake and part of the plot. Where is the edge? It is believed that there is no such thing as the “South Pole”. In fact, Antarctica is a high ice wall that surrounds the whole world and protects us from falling into ... well, into the void.

New Expedition

Expedition to the ends of the world. New attempt to prove the plane of the Earth

If you clicked on the first link, you could read about a man who independently constructed a rocket and tried to fly into space to prove the plane of the Earth. He did not succeed in this, and the procedure itself is complex (it’s not for nothing that space agencies spend millions of dollars on missions).

But adherents of the earth plane are not going to give up. Recently, they announced a new desire - to find the edge of the Earth. And these are not empty words, as a group of American researchers are preparing a real expedition. Now they are collecting money, most of which will go to rent a ship. With it, they touch the wall of Antarctica (the edge of the planet), take photos of the abyss (if they climb up) and hope that they do not fall into an endless abyss. But why exactly Antarctica? The network has already appeared tips regarding the expedition. If we are talking about starting from the American continent, it would be much more sensible and closer to heading westwards. After all, if the Earth ends somewhere, then sooner or later it will still collide with the wall. Responses to this has not yet followed. Representatives of the Society of Flat hope to get physical evidence in the form of photos and videos.


It is already known that the start of the expedition is scheduled for 2020. The group members are optimistic and say that if they do not return, they have fallen off the edge of the planet. Well, let us wait a year and may admire the amazing selfies of the abyss beyond the Earth’s line, or we’ll get a new piece of “evidence” that the expedition had collapsed due to the machinations of NASA.

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