What happens if the earth stops rotating around the sun?

What happens if the earth stops rotating around the sun?

Even Nicolaus Copernicus assured that all the celestial bodies in the Solar System rotate around the Sun, since this is the most massive and gravitationally strong space object. But let's imagine that the Earth stopped rotating in its usual orbit. What will happen?

So, everything in space revolves around the center of mass (barycenter). The sun covers 99.87% of the total massiveness of the solar system, so the barycenter is close to the sun, and we all perform a rotation around the star. Now imagine that this process has stopped, the Earth has become obstinate and does not move in orbit. What will happen?

In fact, we all just die. No, not immediately. We have about two months before the star devours us. Movement in orbit creates resistance. Yes, the Sun attracts us, but the Earth also influences by its mass, therefore it constantly repels itself in orbit. If there is no rotation, then the planet ceases to resist.

What happens if the earth stops rotating around the sun?

Illustration of the Earth rotating around the Earth

What to do before stellar absorption? Well, you can sunbathe, because after 21 days after the rotation stops, the average Earth temperature will rise to 35 ° C (twice as much as now). It is still possible to endure, but will have to get used to the heat, yield loss and climatic disasters. There will be problems with food and hunger. By the 35th day, the Earth will make 20% convergence with the Sun, which will increase the temperature to 58 ° C. That is, if you are not hiding somewhere in a cold place, then you have long died. But the presence of the air conditioner and freezer will give you only a couple of days. Do not lean out, because all the animals, insects and people died. There are fires everywhere, and the oceans are 10 days from the boiling point.

Soon only microscopic low-speed invertebrates, capable of withstanding extreme cold, heat and even radiation, will remain the only survivors. But they will be able to hold out only 54 days from the moment the orbital rotation stops, because the temperature of the Earth has risen to 160 ° C.

Seasons change on Earth

It makes no sense to continue, because there is not a single living creature on our planet who would observe the moment the Sun absorbs the Earth. By the 57th day, our world will become the first planet from the Sun, and on the 64th day there will be a merger.

So it's better that we continue to rotate in orbit and wait for the Sun to become a red giant and itself swallow us. It is more pleasant to delay the inevitable by 5 billion years than to say goodbye to life in 64 days.

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