Distance from Earth to Jupiter

How far from Earth to Jupiter is the distance between the planets of the Solar System with a photo: aphelion and perihelion, observations of Jupiter in the sky, elliptical path.

Want to know "How far is Jupiter from Earth?". The answer will depend on exactly where the planets are on the orbital path at the moment. Objects rotate in elliptical passages, therefore, approach and diverge. With a minimum distance the distance from the Earth to Jupiter is 628,743,036 km, and with a maximum of 928,081,020 km.

A point close to the Sun is called perihelion, and a distant point is called aphelion. Earth and Jupiter converge when the first is located in aphelion, and the second - in perihelion. With remoteness both are on opposite sides of the star in aphelion. Jupiter is huge and bright, so it can be seen in the sky with the naked eye. Its massiveness affects the events in the system. Some people think that the tides can even cause additional sunspots.

But, despite its scale, this planet is in the first place in the speed of axial rotation. Because of this, its equatorial width is greater than the pole distance.

Do not forget about the powerful gravity, which allowed to create a huge lunar family. Many of them were previously asteroids. Now you know the distance from Jupiter to Earth in kilometers.

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