What if our Earth would really be flat

What if our Earth would really be flat

In fact, the still educated ancient Greeks knew that we live in a circular world. Moreover, using primitive technologies, the sages managed to determine the size of our planet. However, in the 21st century, the Flat Earth Society still exists (“A convinced supporter of the plane of the Earth launches itself into space”, “Expedition to the ends of the earth! A new attempt to prove the plane Earth ”), which is trying to prove that we are deceived.

Proponents of the Earth’s plane are carefully developing their own theory, providing a “real” map of the planet, surrounded by a giant ice wall of Antarctica, where the center is the North Pole. They refute any evidence that rockets fly into space or that we live in a heliocentric system where the planet orbits the sun.

Well, let's imagine for a second that we really live on a flat pancake. What will be the consequences for the inhabitants of the planet?

No falling over the edge

What if our Earth would really be flat

Ancient people were afraid that you could fall off the earth if you get to the edge. Modern supporters of the plane claim that this is impossible due to the high ice wall encircling the entire planet. In a flat Earth, you really do not fall down. But thank gravity, which will pull you to the center of the pancake. The farther you go, the stronger it pulls back. It is believed that in such a situation, all vegetation tends to grow diagonally, and the waters overflowed.

No island

It is assumed that the flat Earth is represented by a giant island, around which is located the entire volume of water. The center will be the North Pole, but due to uniform heating, the climate here will be most favorable for the development of civilization. The only problem is that gravity will focus here and all the water. Remember the movie “Water World”? Well, get ready to survive in boats or move on and learn to live with an unusual gravitational effect on the edge.

What else is gravity?

The most interesting! Flat Earth supporters deny the existence of gravity. They believe that everything around us naturally constantly falls down. Well, then we will have to forget about the magnetic field that protects the planet from cosmic and sunlight. If there is no field, then the radiation kills the ozone layer. The atmosphere dissipates, leaving helpless living creatures writhing in agony.

No Seasons

What if our Earth would really be flat

Astronomer Marek Kukula is sure that on a flat Earth there would be no rain or a change of seasons. In the usual model of the planet has an inclination of the axis. If we are talking about a flat world with the North Pole in the center, then you hang in one season forever. Most likely, it would be summer.

Changes would also affect the direction of the wind, which now blows only north and south. No Coriolis force, storms or trivial rains. But a single warm climate would be a paradise for microbes. Their migration will cause the rapid spread of viruses throughout the plane.

The same type of relief

Now you have to say goodbye to familiar landscapes. This question is particularly interested in the volcanologist Janine Krippner. She believes that magma cannot form in a flat Earth model, tectonic activity can occur, mountains and volcanoes are created. If the atmosphere somehow miraculously remains, then it will be tight without volcanoes. The fact is that volcanic activity has been a source of water for the atmosphere since ancient times.

But you will have a wonderful appearance. No horizon created by bending. Some claim that it would be possible to see neighboring cities from your city.

Boring life

Let us accept all deviations from the physical laws and imagine that life on a flat planet is possible. Then Professor Leila Ertolati assures that it would be an incredibly boring existence. No navigation for people and wildlife. Yes, forget about compasses, navigators on phones and in cars. Confused birds would not be able to orient in which direction to fly.

What? Can you go back to star navigation? No, because now the stars will always be the same (no offset). Say goodbye to the day and night (or this transition will be much shorter), as well as the beautiful Northern and Southern lights.

Quick death

What if our Earth would really be flat

Many people believe that there is no point in even considering life on a flat Earth, because the planet will collapse on the Sun. The classical model of the plane suggests that the earth pancake is static and located under the looming Sun. The star has gravity, so it will attract and absorb us. However, do not forget that in the hypothesis of a flat Earth, gravity does not exist at all. Somehow, this bright solar ball just hangs over us at a distance of 6,400 km.


Agree, it is quite difficult to live on a flat Earth. If this were true, then we would have to rewrite all the physical laws, as well as revise our understanding of the Universe and other space objects. Supporters of the Earth’s plane claim that all governments are deceiving us by slipping false images from space.

Yes this is more abruptly the lunar conspiracy! Convince many generations of earthlings to believe in the false form of the planet. Why do you need it? The flat earth society does not answer us. But they stubbornly try to prove their truth, even if it contradicts real observations.

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