Americans collect money to prove that the Earth is flat

Americans collect money to prove that the Earth is flat

The hypothesis of a flat Earth should be taken as a basic understanding of the world by ancient people. It is rather a reference to the times when any natural event (lightning, solar flares, etc.) was associated with the activity of the gods. Then the flat shape became convenient for religious leaders in the Middle Ages, as it fit well into the Bible. But how to explain the conviction of the modern followers of the Flat Earth Society?

Adherents of the earth's plane

Americans collect money to prove that the Earth is flat

The Flat Earth Society began its activity in the 19th century. Now anyone who has the Internet has the opportunity to look at photographs of the Earth from space, explore the planet online, and follow rocket launches. Even a school textbook on physics will provide the necessary information.

However, supporters of a flat Earth reject any arguments. Scientists believe that at all times there will be followers of this strange hypothesis, because they enter any scientific evidence into the general scheme of a worldwide conspiracy. The flat earth society itself does not know why the whole world should pretend that our planet has a rounded rather than a flat formula. But they consider it their duty to prove the plane of the planet by any means.

Initially, supporters of a flat Earth simply threw the scientific world with arguments, theories and assumptions. Their concept is built on the existence of a flat “pancake” with connected continents surrounded by a giant ice wall of Antarctica. In the center is the North Pole. However, people do not listen to them, so the Americans (the most active representatives of the Society) decided to raise money to conduct their own research.

Reper against scientists

Americans collect money to prove that the Earth is flat

Three cases became the most remarkable. The first concerns the rapper Bobby Ray Simmons (B.o.B). He is a supporter of the idea of ​​a flat Earth. Among his fans, the rapper launched a campaign to raise funds for the creation of a satellite. Moreover, it should be designed by engineers and scientists under the watchful eye of the Flat Earth Society (so that there is no attempt to falsify data).

Then the finished satellite should launch into the sky and take pictures of a flat earth pancake, in order to finally prove to the whole world the true shape of the planet. Of course, the rapper's actions did not go unnoticed among astronauts and scientists.

For example, NASA astronaut Terry Werth wrote: “I want to save B.o.B money and time. The earth is round and I saw it with my own eyes while flying around in orbit ”. He was joined by Buzz Aldrin (the second one set foot on the moon), who advised not to fool people’s head and give money to the victims of hurricane Maria.

But the main skirmish of the rapper occurred with astrophysicist and scientific popularizer Neal DeGrasse Tyson. First, the scientist tried to politely explain that the Earth has no edge, and debunked all the “evidence” imposed by the rapper to his fans.

Then the situation escalated and Tyson wrote in social networks: “Even if you are 5 centuries behind in your scientific knowledge, this does not mean that we will stop loving”. To this, B.o.B accused the scientist of Freemasonry and released a track on him. But Tyson is an advanced scientist, so he responded a day later by joining the rap battle. Many people believe that B.o.B brewed porridge with a flat Earth only to attract attention, because his music albums stopped selling so actively. But he still managed to collect about $ 5,000, so that one day his companion could go to the sky.

Homemade rocket

Americans collect money to prove that the Earth is flat

A convinced supporter of the Earth’s plane launches itself into space

The money was also collected by the lesser-known Michael Hughes, about whom we wrote earlier (“A convinced supporter of the Earth’s plane launches himself into space”). In short, he constructs rockets himself and launches himself into the sky to photograph a flat Earth. So far his attempts have been unsuccessful, as he is not able to gain enough height. But he continues to raise money to launch a balloon with a camera.

Find an edge

Americans collect money to prove that the Earth is flat

The last interesting activity from the Flat Earth Society was the initiative to go to the ends of the world (“Expedition to the ends of the world! A new attempt to prove the plane of the Earth”). We are talking about a team of “researchers” who are raising money to rent a ship, which will take them to an imaginary ice wall. They will also need equipment to climb to the top and look into the abyss.

Think it's a joke? No, the expedition is being prepared for 2020. So, while NASA plans to colonize the Moon, a group of people will go in search of the edge of a flat Earth.


By the way, in 2018, the pseudo-documentary film “Behind the Curve” (“Bending”) was released, directed by Daniel J. Clark. Just look at the trailer to understand the general theme of this “documentary”, where experts collect evidence in favor of the plane of the Earth. The description of the film seems to be interesting, indicating that it is “wisdom in the world of fake news and the era of post-truth”.

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