5 of the most creepy aliens from movies and books

5 of the most creepy aliens from movies and books

Science fiction, movies and books gave us a huge amount of fictional aliens. Now we have a wide range of ideas about all possible weaknesses and intentions of alien guests. Some turned out to be very hospitable, like the inhabitants of Pandora or Alpha from the planet Melmak (except for his desire to dine cats). But there were such creatures that still inspire horror.

  1. Dreadful tripods

5 of the most creepy aliens from movies and books

Let's start with your favorite Martians. These strange invaders from the Red Planet appear in the novel by HG Wells “War of the Worlds” (1897). On Mars, they see a flash, after which a strange cylindrical object falls to the Earth in the vicinity of London. Scientists, authorities, and simple onlookers gather around to take a closer look. After a couple of attempts to open the airlock, the design comes to life, is going to a moving tripod, and people become living targets for the laser.

Communication: Martians are not going to communicate or negotiate. They simply destroy people, trying to seize all of England. All modern weapons (at that time) are powerless against 10 fallen cylinders. Later, poisonous smoke joins the heat ray.

Weaknesses: invaders are completely powerless against earthly microbes. So, next time, don't waste your ammo and rockets. Just send a group of people with the flu to the tripods.

  1. Insidious Martians

5 of the most creepy aliens from movies and books

Tim Burton in 1996 decided to please us with an unusual film “Mars is attacking! ”. There were several space plates in orbit around the Earth, after which the first Martian delegation came to us (of course, to America). Unsuspecting earthlings arrange a reception, for which they receive shots with a blaster. Martians assure that it was a misunderstanding, and they are invited to the congress, where the large-scale extermination of humanity begins. Communication: these Martians love to joke and all the time repeat that they came in peace, sending a blaster to your face.

Weaknesses: is surprising, but the main weakness of specific aliens is music. And more specifically, the yodel in the song Slim Whitman “Indian Love Call”. Just download it to your phone and become a national hero like a pensioner in a movie.

  1. Alien

5 of the most creepy aliens from movies and books

This eerie creation has been featured in the franchise of the same name since 1979. So, in the distant future, a ship with astronauts returns to Earth to deliver valuable cargo. But the team is awakening from anabiosis, as the signal comes from an unknown planet in the distant system of the Grid constellation. The computer hints at the existence of life and the members of the ship (oh well!) Decide to conduct reconnaissance.

On the planet they find a crashed spacecraft, inside of which is an astronaut's creepy corpse. One of the crew members decided that it would be a great idea to touch the strange space eggs. A monster jumps in his face and sucks. The victim is brought to his native ship. The team leaves the planet, but someone else breaks out of the patient's chest. This terrible creature gradually destroys everyone except ...

Communication: no communication with people. The main goal of a stranger is to kill, multiply and use the crew as living containers.

Weaknesses: Do not mess with Ellen Ripley! It seems that this woman is the only one on the ship who followed the protocol and did not let in the infected. In the end, she in all other parts will be forced to face this alien, observing the death of the remaining employees.

  1. Predator

5 of the most creepy aliens from movies and books

Another creepy and extremely unsociable creature from a series of films that started in 1987. A squad of commandos is sent to the jungle, where allies are held captive. Before that, a strange capsule with a mysterious passenger fell to Earth. As a result, the commandos found people, but they were all gutted and suspended from the trees.

Upon returning to base, the team notices that they are hunting, as the commandos disappear one by one. Having set the traps, they even manage to catch the “hunter”, but he manages to get out. Only one remains alive ...

Communication: no negotiations, enjoying the hunt, excellent disguise and sophisticated murder methods.

Weaknesses: Arnold Schwarzenegger as major Alan “Datca”. Classic super man, rushing to the monster with a sharp knife and driving him into various traps. Our hero is saved, and the family of predators will return in the following films.

  1. Strange teachers

5 of the most creepy aliens from movies and books

Film The “Faculty” of 1998 became a classic in the alien theme. It is interesting because there are no spaceships, brave muscular guys in military uniform or almost immortal Ripley. On the contrary, everything happens mysteriously and quietly in a small college in Ohio. Heroes are ordinary students. Just imagine that gradually everything starts to behave strangely.

Students are invited to the director's office, after which children's behavior changes. In the center there is a group of teenagers who manage to find one of the mysterious organisms and observe how everyone around us mysteriously keep silence, look at them and drink ordinary water in liters. It turns out that an alien is a certain organism that crawls into your ear, and completely controls the body. The story seems especially terrible, because it is one of the most likely capture options: quietly, gradually, without unnecessary sacrifices.

Communication: no warnings. First, they catch one, and then infected teachers pass the body on to the entire teaching staff, students, and parents.

Weaknesses: adolescents and their drugs. One of the students distributes the drug substance “Skat”. It turns out that it is very dry, and the aliens can not survive without an abundance of water. Just order a portion and pour it into the passers-by to make sure that they are still alive (joke, we are against drugs).


There is still a huge number of different aliens. Only Howard Lovecraft managed to create a whole universe of horror led by a monster named Cthulhu. In the comments you can tell about your favorites.

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