What do aliens look like in popular movies

What do aliens look like in popular movies

The aliens appear in our imagination as aliens and predators who scour the planet or spacecraft in order to exterminate all life. We have already described dangerous fictional representatives in “5 of the most creepy aliens from films and books”. But let's study today the most atypical type - dangerous plants!

  1. Quiet and discreet

What do aliens look like in popular movies

In 1956, there was an unusual film by director Don Siegel “The Invasion of the Body Kidnappers”. The doctor who has come to the conference in Santa Mira faces strangeness. Children raise panic, claiming that the mother has ceased to be like herself, or her uncle is not their uncle at all. And every day these alarmists are becoming more and more. Next, find a corpse with a disfigured face, which only from afar resembles the owner.

It seems that all the people around are starting to go crazy. But ... they are no longer people, but their counterparts! It turns out that in one of the greenhouses are large pods of an unknown plant. Their fruits are very special, because of them being formed, copying people. And suddenly our doctor realizes that the city floor has been replaced by doubles! Where did the seeds come from? These are cosmic colonizers who arrived to take over our planet. You learn the rest while watching a movie or reading a novel written by Jack Finney.

  1. Voracious Flower

What do aliens look like in popular movies

If you like musicals, an unusual plot and a strange monster, then you couldn’t miss “Little Shop of Horrors” 1986 (the first version was released in 1960, but the author of the article looked at the musical). So, we see a flower shop worker strolling through the market. He is secretly in love with a neighbor and dreams of a better life.

On one of the stalls he notices an unusual flower and takes him to the store. He explores his whimsical appearance, and soon the plant attracts the attention of the public. The store gets a lot of money, but the flower itself behaves strangely. It turns out that he does not like the standard fertilizer at all. What to feed? A casual cut answers this question. A flower wants blood!

Our boy sacrifices his own first, but the plant is already huge, moreover, she began to speak and sing, screaming to the whole district about her hunger! Then our hero comes to the idea of ​​murder, feeding the plant of the evil guy to his beloved. All this is mixed with black humor, songs and unusual magnetism of color, which came from space. This is an ambitious plant, because its plans include the capture of all mankind!

  1. From the hand of a man

What do aliens look like in popular movies

The last guest is a bonus and came to us from the literature. These plants are dangerous and resemble cosmic invaders, but were created by the human hand. This is a novel “Day of triffids”, published in 1951 from the pen of John Wyndham. Imagine that scientists managed to bring a special type of plant that gives an important substance - oil. But there is a side effect. Triffids turned out to be not only predators who love to feast on human flesh, but also mobile, so you can't keep them in a pot. They have a poisonous juice, excellent hearing and gather in groups. Therefore, people had to resort to special measures, such as a protective mask and getting rid of poisonous spikes.

Relative safety dissipates when earthlings see the brightest starfall. The event was so spectacular that most of the planet was blind! Our triffids get out of control of the farms, and the hunt for humans begins. There is a small group of sighted and blind people who fight with the plants, but who will win in a fight?


As you can see, when it comes to aliens, you can imagine anyone. And the fact that plants really have more chances to develop in another world than that of a stranger and a predator is frightening. But will they have a developed intellect and thirst for human blood? Hope we will never know.

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