The hypothesis of the galactic zoo. How alien civilizations can perceive earthlings

The hypothesis of the galactic zoo. How alien civilizations can perceive earthlings

Scientists stubbornly continue to explore outer space in search of sentient beings. We do not even want to admit to ourselves that we can be the only living creatures in the Universe. And the statistical analysis says that it is not. Then where is everyone?

Why don't we see aliens?

The hypothesis of the galactic zoo. How alien civilizations can perceive earthlings

A sample of the exoplanets already found suggests that there are millions of worlds of the earth. Many of them can live in the habitable zone and have liquid water on the surface. There is also a possibility that in these favorable conditions a primitive life will arise, which will pass the same evolutionary way as we do.

And this is just one of the options! After all, we judge by earthly life of all potential space aliens. What if they are completely different? Imagine residents of lava planets, representatives of methane atmospheres or ice exoplanets. Then their number should increase. Is there no one else with communication technology? And will someone from the darkness of infinite space respond to our call?

Logical explanation - no one! But we are still trying to decipher silence, so there are several unusual theories.

  1. Only robots
  2. around

This is a futuristic idea, which is a logical chain of development. You can see that our entire planet is becoming computerized. Already talking about the smooth confluence of man and car. If the aliens appeared earlier, they could pass this way. So, it is necessary to look for not Martians and strangers, but a semblance of terminators (let's hope they are friendly).

  1. Can not leave the planet

It is believed that aliens live on super-earths, where gravity is so powerful that rockets simply cannot escape into outer space. That is, living beings are captured by their own world. But this still does not explain their unwillingness to contact us with other methods. Well, at least they can send a signal!

  1. Under the surface

If we are talking about exoplanets, then research is carried out at the expense of powerful telescopes and other long-range devices. We do not yet have the opportunity to quickly deliver there devices that could study the surface closer. But what if all the aliens are hiding in the lower levels? Under the surface is much more comfortable, because it protects from frost or heat, and also protects from falling meteorites. Do not forget about cosmic rays. In addition, life can live in oceans that receive heat from the core.

New exotic theory

The hypothesis of the galactic zoo. How alien civilizations can perceive earthlings

Recently, researchers have proposed a new and very unusual explanation. It considers the possibility that an alien civilization exists. Moreover, it is a developed people who have a special attitude towards us.

We always think that we are at the highest level in the chain of evolution. But it is still limited to the Earth. What if in outer space we are not in the place of honor? A recent scientific conference in the framework of the METI project (sending messages to aliens) led to the formulation of a new hypothesis. It turns out that the Earth should be considered as a fascinating galactic zoo. The aliens not only know about our existence, but act as caring masters who protect the species. It turns out that we will never meet with extraterrestrial intelligence, because we are like “animals”, and not equal members of the galactic community. You can look at us, explore, protect and, possibly, show others, but definitely not communicate.

Just put yourself in the place of terrestrial animals in zoos and reserves. Lions, elephants, turtles or giraffes may sense the presence of other creatures (after all, we are not hiding), but they are not aware of the role assigned by man.


This hypothesis brings melancholy and resentment, but scientists are optimistic. After all, it turns out that aliens are still there! Then you need to pay attention to yourself. They offer to create and transmit powerful signals filled with information to the nearest stellar objects.

In the end, we are attracted by the unusual, but orderly behavior of animals (for example, there was a horse that supposedly could give a decision by mathematical clatter of hoofs on mathematical examples). But nobody knows what will happen when the “owners” listen to us. There is little chance of bread and salt, but Stephen Hawking was convinced that the answer would come in the form of enslavement.

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