Old floppy disks in the forgotten locker of the ISS

Old floppy disks in the forgotten locker of the ISS

International Space Station still keeps “ancient” relics

Humanity is proud of its cosmic achievements, which were made possible by the active development of technology. Recently, the International Space Station (ISS) celebrated its 20th anniversary. This is a long period of history, so it is not surprising that the station still finds “ancient” relics that the modern generation could not even hear about.

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst found a folder on the ISS, filled with old diskettes. If, because of youth, you are not aware of what this is about, then earlier floppy disks were something like disks ... No, how old are you? Let's for sure. These were memory carriers, like our flash drives. In fact, it is an outdated symbol of computational nostalgia. Gerst published a photo of a funny find on Tuesday. He said that he had found a locker at the station, which for a long time was simply not opened. One of NASA's floppy disks contained Norton Utilities for Windows 95/98. There are also a couple of personal diskettes to support NASA astronaut William Shepard and Russian cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev, who were part of Expedition 1 in 2000.

Diskettes from the past are a pleasant reminder that the ISS has been in orbit for 20 years, providing numerous space explorations.

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