Alexander Gerst in the laboratory of the MKS

Alexander Gerst in the laboratory of the MKS

Cosmonaut Alexander Gerst moves to the Columbus laboratory on the ISS. The picture was taken during his first flight (2014).

The light in the room acquired a pinkish tone during the extraordinary exit of the crew. Columbus has a NASA Veggie conservatory where scientists grow lettuce under weightless conditions. Previous experiments have shown that red light is best suited for growing plants in space.

Veggie has become a favorite astronaut project because it guarantees a fresh crop. The Columbus Laboratory launched from Earth almost 10 years ago to become a major European scientific contribution to a space station.

In 2018, there will be many reasons for celebration: the 10th anniversary of the operation of Columbus, as well as the second mission of Gerst on the ISS. He will be sent in June at the Union MS-09 together with astronaut Jeanette Epps and Russian cosmonaut Sergey Prokopiev (will be the commander for 6 months).

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