Return the balance to the Universe! The new theory explains the absence of 95% of matter

Return the balance to the Universe! The new theory explains the absence of 95% of matter

Dark matter map from KiDS review (G12 region)

Scientists from the University of Oxford may have managed to solve one of the biggest issues in modern physics. New research combines dark matter and dark energy into a single phenomenon - a liquid with a “negative mass”. The new theory is able to prove the correctness of the 100-year prediction of Einstein.

The modern model of the Universe (LambdaCDM) does not reveal the physical characteristics of the mysterious dark matter and dark energy. All our assumptions are based only on gravitational effects when in contact with visible matter. The new model believes that these concepts can be combined into a single fluid with a negative type of gravity, that is, it repels material around itself.

Exotic matter (negative) was previously excluded from the calculations, because it was believed that such material would become less dense in the process of expanding the Universe, which contradicts observations showing that dark energy is not depleted over time. A new study shows that an increasing amount of negative masses is not diluted as space expands. In fact, such a liquid seems identical to dark energy.

The new theory allows us to derive the first correct predictions of the behavior of halo of dark matter. Most of the galaxies rotate so rapidly that they must be torn apart, which means that the invisible halo of dark matter holds them together. In the last study, a computer simulation of the properties of negative mass was performed, which predicted the formation of dark matter halos, which converges with modern observations in radio telescopes. For the first time, Albert Einstein hinted at the existence of dark matter 100 years ago when he derived the parameter of the cosmological constant. He called her his “biggest mistake”, although modern conclusions suggest that this is a real phenomenon. In the notes of 1918, he wrote that “modifications of the theory are required, since empty space plays the role of gravitating negative masses distributed throughout interstellar space”.

Previous approaches to combining dark energy and dark matter tried to change the general theory of relativity, which turned out to be incredibly difficult to do. The new method uses two old ideas that are compatible with Einstein's theory (negative masses and the creation of matter), and combines them together.

To prove the new theory, it will be necessary to conduct tests on the ultra-modern radio telescope SKA (Square Kilometer Array). The new enhanced version of LambdaCDM will be able to accurately match other observational data from cosmology. And it turns out that the perennial mystery of the absence of 95% of the matter would be solved in the simplest way.

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