Can a life hiding in the multiverse?

Can a life hiding in the multiverse?

The artistic vision of the multiverse, in which our Universe ¬ is only one of many. A new study indicates that different amounts of dark energy have little effect on star formation. It creates the prospect of living in other universes.

A new study from the University of Durham (Britain) and the University of Australia in Sydney points to the prospect of the presence of life in the multiverse, where our Universe is only one of many. The key was the dark energy - the mysterious "force" that accelerates spatial expansion.

Scientists say that existing theories of the origin of the universe predict a much larger amount of dark energy than is observed. The addition will lead to the rapid expansion and dilution of matter, which will reduce the possibility of forming stars, planets and life.

The multiverse theory appeared in the 1980s. and it is able to explain the “luckily small” amount of dark energy in our Universe, which allowed life to originate. Many computer simulations indicate that increasing the dark energy a few hundred times will actually have a slight effect on the formation of stars and planets. This opens up the prospect that life could have formed across a wide range in other universes, if they exist. The modeling was carried out within the framework of the EAGLE project - one of the most realistic simulations of the observed Universe. Although the theory will turn into a real puzzle, if the emergence of life equates to a happy ticket, which we were lucky to pull out, and not to a natural development.

Scientists said that their results were unexpected and could be problematic, as they question the ability of the multiverse theory to explain the observed value of dark matter. If we live in the multiverse, then it is expected to observe a greater amount of dark energy (50 times). There is also the option that there is an undisclosed law in nature that will explain this situation.

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