The Chinese Space Laboratory will return to Earth

The Chinese Space Laboratory will return to Earth

At the end of April, the Chinese space laboratory Tyangun-1 is expected to return. It will enter the atmosphere, but the exact time and place of the fall are not yet known.

Shards all the time fall to Earth. Most of the material of this apparatus should burn at a high atmospheric level, but several particles are able to reach the surface.

Tyangun-1 was the first operational component of the program of the same name, designed to create a modular space station by 2023. Initially it was planned that it would be written off in 2013, but this did not happen. In March 2016, Chinese representatives announced that they had lost contact with the laboratory. Tyangun-1 was launched from the main Chinese launch complex at 43 degrees north latitude. Therefore, the station should land somewhere between the United States and Australia, as it spends most of its time on these points.

In 1979, fragments of the American station Skylab crashed into the waters of the Indian Ocean and the territory of Western Australia. Due to ignorance of the exact place of the fall, no one had time to prepare and warn people. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

Researchers insist that they learn about the station's landing site a few days before the event. However, a few hours of uncertainty cover the areas between Chile and the Pacific Ocean.

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