Chinese space station Tyangun-1

Chinese space station Tyangun-1

This photograph shows China’s Tyangun-1 space station (“Heavenly Palace”), captured on November 27, 2017 from the Upper Alps (France).

The station can be viewed at the bottom right as a white band - the result of exposure in a few seconds. The Tyangun-1 is pulled out at a length of 12 m with a diameter of 3.3 m, and the loading weight is 8506 kg.

Now the ship remains at an altitude of 280 km in orbit. Since 2016, it is not possible to establish contact, so it will disintegrate in March-April 2018 and will burn in the atmosphere.

The geometry of the orbit excludes the fall of fragments north of 43 ° or south of 43 °. Considering its mass and choice of building materials, it can be assumed that some parts will survive in the fall.

In the history of space flight, there have not yet been documented cases of damage from the fall of space debris.

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