China delivers the first cargo to the space laboratory

China delivers the first cargo to the space laboratory

April 20, 2017: Tianzhou-1 Chinese spacecraft is preparing to take off at the Wenchang Space Launch Center.

The docking with the orbital space laboratory on Saturday for the first cargo space Chinese spacecraft Tianjou-1 was successful. This was reported by representatives of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center.

The launch took place on Thursday evening, and on Saturday morning the ship was approaching the Tyangun-2 space laboratory.

The official Xinhua news agency talked about the importance of this achievement. Cargo ships deliver supplies and fuel to orbit, so the independent development of one of them is a breakthrough step towards the creation of a private space station before 2022, which will be attended by a full-fledged crew. “Tianzhou-1” is an elongated structure with a length of 10.6 meters and a capacity of more than 6 tons, including satellites. But cargo delivery is not the only mission. Experiments with his participation are also planned. This includes non-Newtonian gravity and two landings on the laboratory before returning to Earth.

In Beijing, it is believed that a successful space program will consolidate the strength and growth of the Communist Party. In 2011, the US Congress decided that Chinese cosmonauts would not be allowed to enter the International Space Station due to national security concerns.

September 15, 2016 Tyangun-2 went into space.

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