Amazing Jupiter Marble Clouds

Amazing Jupiter Marble Clouds

Processed view of clouds photographed by Juno's spacecraft during the 18th close flight around the gas giant

NASA Juno's spacecraft once again demonstrated amazing landscapes in the atmospheric layer of Jupiter. The device rotates around a large gas giant since 2016. The picture shows the area of ​​the Jet N6 in the northern hemisphere of the planet. On the left, there is a large circular storm, and on the right, pockmarked jets extending through a strip of jet flow.

The probe Juno made the image on February 12 during the 18th planned orbital flight. At that time, the ship was located at an altitude of 13,000 km above the cloud cover. Juno is an unusual mission. There is a camera on board, but there is no special image processing group. But the JunoCam device attracted a huge number of experienced amateurs who help shape photos from cameras and turn ordinary shots into highly processed artistic images.

The Juno spacecraft is now halfway to the mission on Jupiter. Once completed the study, the probe is destroyed, plunging into the atmosphere of a gas giant. This is done on purpose so as not to contaminate potentially inhabiting satellites with terrestrial microbes.

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