Dolphin in the clouds of Jupiter

Dolphin in the clouds of Jupiter

In the photo of October 29, you can see a dolphin-shaped cloud in the southern belt of Jupiter.

Try to find a dolphin swimming in the sea of ​​clouds of Jupiter (the largest planet of the solar system). Hint: look below and right.

Of course, this is not a real living creature from Earth, but only a wonderful effect of paradolia. A new series of photographs by NASA shows a recognizable pattern moving through the southern belt of Jupiter.

The image came from the JunoCam camera of NASA Juno's spacecraft when, on October 29th, the unit performed the 16th nearest flight around the planet.

Images obtained at a distance of 18400-51000 km above the atmosphere of Jupiter. It seems that the dolphin is moving through the South-South temperate belt. Apparatus Juno recorded the scene at 32-59 degrees south latitude.

The mission collects information about the largest planet since arriving in July 2016. It is planned that the spacecraft will work until 2021.

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