The brown barge swims in the atmosphere of Jupiter

The brown barge swims in the atmosphere of Jupiter

The elusive brown “barge” stands out against the lighter background of the gas giant

If Jupiter is Hollywood, then the Great Red Spot is its best attraction. Everyone already knows about the scale and active red storm on the planet, but get ready to meet a new upstart. The NASA Juno spacecraft captured an unusual feature - the brown “barge”.

On September 6, an unusual formation was found on the southern equatorial belt of Jupiter (dark cloud belt). Apparatus Juno released a color review of the phenomenon. A brown barge is not an isolated case. This is the name for cyclonic regions, usually recorded along the northern equatorial belt of the planet. Often they are difficult to find visually, because the color merges with the dark environment. In a particular case, the darkness receded, allowing the barge to show itself against a lighter background. The Great Red Spot persists for hundreds of years, but the barge is a fleeting phenomenon. Most often, they dissipate after the entire cloud belt is shaken and reorganized.

This brown feature never compares with the famous spot, because it lacks consistency, scale and charisma. However, it still adds details to the dramatic image of Jupiter.

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