Flying over the Big Red Spot

Flying over the Big Red Spot

This snapshot of Jupiter’s majestic Big Red Spot was made by NASA's Cassini in 2005.

The span of the Juno spacecraft exploring the storm (16,000 km wide) is scheduled for Monday. The large red spot is the most remarkable feature of Jupiter. It covers the planet for several centuries.

More precisely, the records are maintained since 1830, which means that there may be more than 350 years. Reminds a red knot. For the first time, the approximation of Juno will allow us to consider the feature in more detail.

On board there are tools that can make their way through the cloud flap to calculate the depth of the storm. The ship will fly at a distance of 9000 km and all 8 instruments and cameras function properly.

Juno started in August 2011 from Cape Canaveral (Florida). Its purpose is to investigate the origin of Jupiter, its atmosphere, structure and magnetosphere.

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