Jupiter's large-scale storms in a NASA review

Jupiter's large-scale storms in a NASA review

December 21, 2018 NASA Juno's spacecraft received a photo of two major storms on Jupiter

At the end of December, the NASA Juno spacecraft performed another flyby of the surface of Jupiter. As a result, the team received an amazing photo with a view of two giant storms circulating over the gas giant.

In the photo you can see the famous Big Red Spot, as well as the second storm - Oval VA. Unlike a large reddish-brown neighbor, Oval VA was formed literally in the eyes of scientists, when in 2000 three small storms encountered. JunoCam's visible light camera aboard ship Juno was able to observe the transformation of the storm during the mission. And the storm has become paler since the previous visit almost a year ago.

The image is represented by three images, which are combined and improved in digital form. JunoCam camera received shots at an altitude of 38300-55500 km above the clouds of Jupiter. Three photos were taken during a 10-minute period on December 21 during a 16 close span.

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