Proba-1 satellite captures pyramids

Proba-1 satellite captures pyramids

This is a north-south view of the famous Egyptian pyramid complex of Giza. Review obtained by the ESA Proba-1 mini-satellite.

In the center is the smaller pyramid of Mikerina, to the left of it is the pyramid of Khafre, and the largest and oldest is Giza. The plateau is located on the edge of Cairo.

The mini-satellite Proba-1 is the first of a series of ESA satellites designed for flight tests of new space technologies. Started on October 22, 2001, but still remains the most powerful in its group.

It has a hyperspectral analyzer CHRIS and an experimental high resolution camera that receives black and white images with a resolution of 5 meters. Among the innovations are the solar battery gallium-arsenide and one of the first microprocessors ERC32.

In 2009, Proba-2 was launched, in 2013 - Proba-V, and in 2020, a start is planned for Proba-3.

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