New Cassini First Dive Video

New Cassini First Dive Video

NASA’s new Cassini spacecraft video offers a glimpse of what is happening “through his eyes” during the first dive stage.

It was possible to accumulate a full hour of shooting at the time of movement to the south over the planet. First, the north pole stretches before us, where a swirling vortex is located, and then we pass the outer limits of the hexagonal jet flow.

“It was amazing to see such clear edges on captured objects,” said Quino Sayanagi, a member of the Cassini visualization team. “There must be something that keeps these latitudes from mixing.” At the very end, the camera turns around as the ship reorients, and demonstrates a large antenna. It was used as a means of protection during the dive.

When these shots were written, the device dropped from 72400 to 6700 km. At this point, the allowed functions of the atmosphere changed from 8.7 km per pixel to 810 meters.

“The shots were excellent, but we were very worried, so we did not risk it. We are now planning to upgrade the camera capabilities to improve the quality by June 28, ”says Andrew Ingersoll from the group responsible for the image.

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