Cassini's farewell flight over Titan

Cassini's farewell flight over Titan

On September 12, Cassini made the last distant flight over Saturn’s satellite Titan. The device went into orbit, leading to the final immersion

The Cassini is preparing for the final dive on September 15th. On September 12, the closest flight to Titan took place, and communication is expected to be restored in the evening to transfer the collected data. Navigators will analyze the trajectory of the ship. They need to confirm that Cassini has stepped on the dive line to the planet.

Engineers called the passage a “farewell kiss” because it provided a gravitational impetus to exit to the desired point in the planet’s atmosphere. The geometry made the machine slow down a bit, which will lower the height. For 13 years of mission, Cassini flew hundreds of times past Titan, as well as the planet and other satellites. More specifically, the device approached the moon almost every month. Therefore, before you a touching farewell.

Cassini completes his mission and is about to plunge into the atmosphere of Saturn. The grand finale is expected September 15th.

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