Fresh natural flowers in glass - beauty and eternity!

Fresh natural flowers in glass - beauty and eternity!

Each of us has ever given flowers as a gift to relatives, loved ones, and some to ourselves. It seemed that the banal gift and token is not in the world. Nowadays, we have a huge range of both exotic and trivial species available.

Flowers are a sign of attention, a manifestation of love and an expression of our feelings. These plants give us memories, warm emotions, and of course their fragrance. Therefore, we want to please our loved ones more and more often to surprise.

Natural flowers in glass is an idea that will come in handy to express yourself, like something new. Flowers in glass design, be it a sphere, a cube, there are a lot of options - this is a relatively new direction. Such a gift will not look trite and will surely cause interest.

Creative shapes of natural colors in glass and composition:

  • The bell is made of natural orchids, which is similar to the school bell and consists entirely of glass. Plants in it are processed in a special way and can look fresh up to seven days.
  • Composition of natural SqMo orchids. This sample is a composition of orchids, dried by a special technology and immersed in a glass cube, which will preserve the beauty of the petals for many years.
  • Composition "Angel". Dehydrated rose buds in a glass transparent shell. Glass is made in the form of an angel, and the flowers will retain their beauty for many years and decorate any interior of the house or office.
  • Composition of red roses "candlestick". A unique product consisting of rosebuds, shrouded in high-quality glass. They will not give a scent, but will serve as a stylish candlestick. Care of the composition consists only of wiping dust.

All products are made of quality materials, retain their properties and will last for a long time. The practicality of the positions is that they are a great addition to your interior and will complement absolutely any style of office, home or apartment. Great gift of winter.

These unusual gifts are unique, as well as decorative candlesticks DreamLight

They can be found and ordered from the company Bryoni (Brioni)

Bryoni is a wide range of exclusive souvenirs and original gifts. Here you will find what you were looking for or that you have never even seen.

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