What does a typical American office look like

What does a typical American office look like

A typical American office is always a boiling work, a large staff. What does such an office look like? Depending on the type of company, a typical US company may have a different interior. Let's understand what styles gave us the states, what features of their interiors should be borrowed from another country?

Open space

The concept of an open office appeared for the first time in the states. It was there that the employees of the sales departments of large companies were first planted in one working area behind identical neighboring tables. Separately, only the manager’s office stood out, and all other specialists sat side by side. Such a structure contributes to the fact that every person develops healthy competition. When an employee sees the success of his colleague, there is a desire to work independently more, more productively and with better quality. But if you need a front desk, a separate front and a working office, then you need to pay attention to the mixed type of office.


The ascetic office interior also came from the USA. Companies have stopped spending money on luxury leather office sofa, expensive accessories and stylish design solutions. Mostly modern office in the states - minimalist. Here you will not find a large number of unnecessary decor, rather only the office furniture, which will be really necessary in the process of work. To buy a sofa for an office in a recreation area is not in the spirit of an American office. Or allocate a separate room, which potentially does not interfere with the productivity of the working area, or do without such decisions in principle. When others rest, the employee will want to join. The work area must be exclusively work.

Technical equipment

Today, Silicon Valley is a manufacturer of virtually all advanced technologies. Therefore, local offices will always be a head taller than their foreign counterparts in terms of technical equipment. Productive computers, multimedia - all of this will have to be bought after you find the right furniture in Kiev for the work area.

The American office is measured and slightly asectical. Leading experts who are able to afford private offices, equip them according to their own preferences. Otherwise, ordinary professionals are content with a functional office space, devoid of individuality.

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