Did the aliens visit Earth? What is hidden in the document of the NASA scientist?

Did the aliens visit Earth? What is hidden in the document of the NASA scientist?

On December 3, Fox News shook the public when they published an article titled “NASA Scientist Says Aliens Could Visit Earth”. Not surprisingly, such articles have filled the pages of several well-known news sources. The articles are based on a document from NASA website researcher Silvano Colombano. However, not all so simple.

Colombano does argue that scientists should be serious about assumptions and the possibility that aliens could visit Planet Earth. But he added that Fox News had distorted the message of his message: “They didn’t accurately represent my position. I said that reports of unidentified air phenomena should be the subject of serious research, even if the chances of the arrival of newcomers are negligible. ”

It is important to capture the nuances. Colombano believes that aliens can visit Earth or have already visited the planet. That is, theoretically it is possible, so you should carefully search for evidence. But the Fox News article presented it as if we were living in the movie “Men in Black”, where the aliens bring you mail and live next door. Colombano added that Fox News inserted his mail and data for communication under the article, but did not contact him before publishing. And the article itself was presented as a research document, although, in fact, this is only part of the presentation presented last spring at the SETI meeting (search for extraterrestrial intelligence).

“The meeting was organized to find out exactly what steps will be taken to search for extraterrestrial intelligence,” says Colombano. The scientist believes that SETI can allocate certain resources for systematic hunting and verification of UFO reports. That is, a sensational study - just the thoughts and thoughts of Colombano about the possible arrival of aliens to Earth and an attempt to convince researchers of the active search and verification of data.

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