The new flag of the Earth is much steeper than any alien

The new flag of the Earth is much steeper than any alien

Vexillology seems to be a difficult word, but in reality it is a flag study discipline. You are looking at bright banners from a simple inhabitant, not suspecting that any detail (color, material, design) carries a symbolic meaning.

It always seems to us that the guests will see in our symbols the very meaning we are investing. That's just in a particular case, the "guests" refers to representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. Yes, aliens!

Recently, vexillologists from all over the world have come together to develop a conceptual flag of the planet Earth, which they will use if a person gets to Mars and masters it. What is the impression about the potential newcomers about the new flag?


Development of the international flag of planet Earth

The most important thing is to understand exactly how we want to represent the human species. We aim to highlight our technological advances? Show dominance over other species? How to display the features of a human appearance? Created by Oscar Pernefeldt, the new flag consists of 7 connected rings, symbolizing the connectedness of all life on Earth. They resemble Olympic rings, but also supposedly imitate the shape of a flower.

The new flag of the Earth is much steeper than any alien

The blue background represents the ocean. To increase influence, Pernefeldt chose a certain shade of blue. It should stand out between black and white colors. So far, the created symbol resembles the flag of a cosmic villain.

It is assumed that the aliens are well versed in vexillology and will guess that we came in peace. If not, then perhaps the war will break out. At least on our side there is already a flag.

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