How NOT to launch an orbital rocket

How NOT to launch an orbital rocket

SpaceX has released a video with a series of unsuccessful launches of orbital rockets. Ilon Mask calmly ridiculed all the misfires and early attempts that could lead to 16 successful launches and the development of a re-send system.

The video is entitled: “How not to launch an orbital rocket”. Videos start from the start in 2013. Musk happily shares the most epic moments in his career and even makes fun of them. In one of the commercials, he looks at a broken machine with the words “It's just a scratch”. Or, after the fall of the rocket, the signature “Technically, this is earth” was added.

With each launch, Musk is getting closer to its goal - to make space flights as accessible as possible. Therefore, he is not afraid to tell the audience about the mistakes that make SpaceX so successful.

Ends with the scenes of the first successful landing at Cape Canaveral in 2015 and on the first oceanic platform in 2016.

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