Video infographics as a popular trend on the Internet

Video infographics as a popular trend on the Internet

For more than a dozen years, scientists from around the world have been saying that our world is permeated with information. All our life we ​​exchange it with other people, and the success of communication depends on how well we understand. Throughout life, we are faced with the task of streamlining information, making sure that the people with whom we communicate speak with us "in the same language." The same applies to the language of images. One of the conductors of such a language on the Internet has become a video infographics.

Millions of people use the most, perhaps, popular service for viewing videos on the Internet, YouTube. Their authors are faced with the task: to make the information contained in a particular video clip be imaginative and understandable to users. This is where video infographics come to our rescue. What is it? It can be said that this is a visual way of transmitting knowledge, information and data, clearly understandable to almost any viewer.

In turn, both knowledge and data can also be called information. Moreover, the data can be viewed as more concentrated information, and knowledge is generally the very essence of information, its “core”. Let's understand the differences between these terms in the example. Take the word “chair”. Mankind secretly agreed that in Russian this piece of furniture will be designated by the word “chair”, in German it sounds like “Stuhl”, and in English - “chair”. Thus, here the word “chair” has an informative function, it denotes a piece of furniture that we encounter in everyday life. But if you take a chair and throw it, then record the trajectory of its movement and fall in the formulas, and then arrange everything visually in charts and graphs, then you get an already recorded observation, that is, data. Knowledge pushes a person to some kind of action, offering him their motivation. For example, if you start collecting a chair in front of the audience, then some of them will have a desire to do the same, this is what marketers call the “target audience”.

Similarly, video infographics: visualization of movement, the imposition of sound, music, some sound effects on it enhances the effect on the human perception of the video. The main goal of the video infographic is to make not just a video, but a short film that influences people, which ideally a person wanted to watch, and then share it on social networks.

How to make so that the video containing the video infographic as they say “shot”, became popular on the Internet? First of all, the scenario is that it should be thought out and, of course, of high quality, designed for a specific target audience. Secondly, the video should be useful and interesting for the audience, and therefore carry new information for perception. And, finally, you need to use images that are clear to the audience and high-quality design.

In recent years, video infographics are gradually becoming the new language of communication between people around the world. Internet users do not want to watch unpretentious, primitive videos, give them “blockbusters”. Therefore, now the main goals of the video creators are to find topics that are really interesting for people, write original scripts and, of course, add suitable video infographics, which ideally should enhance the perception of the video, and therefore make it much more successful.

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