On a rocket to New York?

On a rocket to New York?

SpaceX Director Ilon Mask is not only tearing to Mars, but is also going to provide comfort during transportation to his home planet.

Last week, he revealed the secrets of his new plan to create a large rocket space system (BFR), moving at a speed of 16,000 miles per hour. While there are still questions about the technical part and what market it is going to serve. But many analysts openly expressed their admiration for his idea. What did he come up with?

This is a special land transportation system that can take you from one large city to another in just a few hours. You save a lot of time, but the catch is that you still have to get to the station somehow.

Experts in the discussion recalled a similar project Concorde. This is a supersonic jet airliner that could provide speed, but was too expensive a service, so it did not win the attention of a wide audience. Speed ​​is important, but the creators do not forget about operating costs, comfort and price. Therefore, BFR is going to be like an economy class airplane.

Now many companies are planning to create supersonic jet liners, so the competition is increasing every day. Even at NASA showed interest in this concept.

But many are betting on Ilona Mask, as he managed to develop a system for re-launching rockets. He managed to return to Earth the first 16 stages, among which 9 - to the platform at sea. It remains only to overcome some technical difficulties. Perhaps we will not only conquer Mars with the Moon, but also greatly simplify the movement across the expanses of our home planet.

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