India launches a rocket with dozens of satellites

India launches a rocket with dozens of satellites

On 12 December, India launched a rocket with dozens of satellites from its country and 6 other countries. Representatives of the Indian Space Research Organization reported that the spacecraft had successfully reached orbit.

In addition to two Indian meteorological satellites, 28 micro and nano-satellites of Canada, France, Finland, Britain, South Korea and the United States were located on board the rocket.

The start had to be postponed for a minute due to the possibility of a collision with space debris. The last launch of the first private satellite in India in August failed due to a heat shield problem.

Friday's launch is the last in a series of successful launch chains for the Indian space agency. In June 2017, India sent its heaviest rocket, hoping that it would be able to deliver astronauts into space. So far, only Russia, the United States and China have succeeded.

In 2013, the country also sent a space probe to Mars, which arrived there in September 2014.

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