ESA is preparing for the exit of Britain from the EU

ESA is preparing for the exit of Britain from the EU

ESA launched a successful series of satellites as part of the Copernicus project, tracking land cover transformation and planetary pollution

The European Space Agency (ESA) is developing a contingency plan for projects, commercial transactions and staffing that may be affected by Britain’s exit from the EU.

The “concerned” programs include the Copernicus satellite system, which monitors environmental damage, as well as the Galileo satellite navigation system.

It is reported that the participation of the UK in both programs will end after leaving the EU, if the country does not discuss a separate specific transaction. But it is likely that the UK will remain in the ESA, autonomous from the EU. Since 2002, the EU has allocated most of the budget for the Copernican project ($ 8.5 billion), but ESA also contributes. So far, 6 satellites have been launched for the program, which have improved emergency response after natural disasters. Full activation is expected in 2020.

What's next?

Experts say that the exit of Britain from the EU can create problems that will have to be solved. These include the issue of security, providing for the exchange of military and other secret information between countries.

In addition, there will be problems with visas, health insurance, retirement plans and other complications for British workers in Europe and continental in the UK.

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