China seeks to outrun NASA with a super-powered rocket

China seeks to outrun NASA with a super-powered rocket

China is pouring billions into its military space program, hoping to create its own space station in 2022

China is working to build a super-powered rocket capable of delivering heavier loads to a lower orbit than NASA. By the year 2030, it is planned to develop Changzhen-9, capable of transporting 140 tons of cargo to near-earth orbit. Now at this altitude flying satellites for television and terrestrial observations.

This compares with 20 tons of the European Ariane-5 rocket and 64 tons of Falcon Heavy Ilona Mask. It should also surpass the NASA rocket with a carrying capacity of 130 tons, which is planned to be launched in 2020. Changzhen-9 will have a base with a diameter of 10 m and four powerful accelerators (each diameter is 5 m). The rocket will be used in manned lunar landings, deep space exploration or the creation of a space station.

Also, China is engaged in a reusable space rocket, the flight of which is scheduled for 2021. The first stage and accelerators can be restored after a vertical landing. The country aims to send people to the moon in the near future, thus overtaking the United States and Russia.

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