Did Yuri Gagarin fly into space

Did Yuri Gagarin fly into space

April 12, 1961 - an important date not only for the history of astronautics, but also of all mankind. Yuri Gagarin officially became the first man to go into space! We know the famous "Let's go", his description of the Earth and the entire flight. And we can admire his photographs on the background of the Earth .... Actually, we can't.

So, do not rush to throw us slippers. Note that the author is not trying to convince you that Gagarin never flew into space. Holy believe that April 12 was not a Soviet fake. But there are interesting moments.

Among the supporters of the lunar conspiracy there was a huge number of people. They are convinced that the flight of Apollo 11 and other American missions to the moon is just a show for the naive, where the laws of physics are violated, and in general everything is filmed in Hollywood (“Lunar plot: a space breakthrough or a successful American scam? ”or“ Where did NASA’s record of astronaut landing on the moon disappear? ”).

Apparently, it was so bad for some Internet users that they decided to encroach on the sacred and accuse the USSR of decree. What is this about? Despite all the accusations, the Apollo mission was able to provide evidence in the form of lunar samples, photographs and videos from the lunar surface.

Did Yuri Gagarin fly into space

Yuri Gagarin in Vladimir

And what about the flight of Gagarin? In the USSR, they did not want to risk the name of the country and associate themselves with failed missions and the death of people. For a long time, they classified the death of native astronauts, and they talked about successful flights after arrival. It happened with the first cosmonaut.

None of ordinary citizens or foreign representatives knew about the launch of Yuri Gagarin. The spacecraft did not have equipment for manual shooting (only a common internal camera), so there is not even a primitive video or photo against the background of the Earth. We only have a recording of his voice, where he describes the beauty of the cosmos and the home planet. And all his experiments consisted only in sleep and eating (it was necessary to check the very possibility of a man’s flight into space).

Yes, but there are photos in the ship itself, meetings with other astronauts, etc. They exist, but were taken after arriving for a story where Gagarin just had to repeat everything he did before.

Problems began when trying to register a record of the duration and altitude of Gagarin. The rules were that the cosmonaut had to land in an aircraft (Gagarin catapulted and maneuvered on a parachute). In the USSR, this fact was hidden for a long time. In addition, he landed further than planned, which means that no one was at the landing site. Because of the secrecy, no foreign correspondent was present even during the launch of the rocket and the Vostok-1 spacecraft. In the US, they received telemetry from a ship, but nothing indicates the presence of a person (in the USSR they could launch an empty rocket with telemetry). The archives kept the picture with Gagarin in the spacecraft, but the quality was terrible, so it was impossible to understand where East-1 itself was located (pavilion or orbit).

Did Yuri Gagarin fly into space

The members of the government bear the ashes of the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin and the pilot Vladimir Sergeevich Seregin past the Kremlin wall

What about the death of the first cosmonaut? There is still soaked with secrecy and secrecy. Maybe this is not an accident at all? Perhaps, just someone was afraid that Gagarin would reveal the truth?

Of course, all this is just fantasies and conjectures collected on the Internet. Once again: we are not trying to prove that Yuri Gagarin did not accomplish the feat and did not fly into space. But all these suspicions suggest that it is possible to pick up “BUT” to any historical event and give rise to doubts that develop into conspiracy theories.

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