Lunar plot: space breakthrough or successful American scam

Lunar plot: space breakthrough or successful American scam

1969 was a breakthrough for all mankind in terms of space exploration. Astronauts of the mission Apollo 11 sank on an earth satellite, proving that a person is able to visit another celestial object. Or can not? Perhaps this is just a good installation? At least, supporters of the lunar conspiracy think so.

Who raised a wave of doubt

Real Astronaut Landing Personnel

They say that the first stone in the garden of NASA flew from the American. They became the writer Bill Kaysing, who in 1976 published his doubts in the book “We have never been on the Moon”.

However, even in the winter of 1969 an interesting article was published in the newspaper The New York Times. It said that in one of the Chicago bars a representative of the American Space Agency shared with comrades pictures and videos of astronaut training on Earth, whose conditions were too much like the moon. So, even before the release of Keysing’s book, many Americans suspected falsification.

But rumors are powerless if they do not have at least a basic scientific substantiation. And in 1970 mathematician J. Krainy also publishes a book in which classic claims about lunar flight are born.

Arguments and Answers

Lunar plot: space breakthrough or successful American scam

Krayni believed that at the time of launch, NASA simply did not have enough developed technologies. In addition, he meticulously analyzed the obtained videos and photos and found many shortcomings. Most often they cling to the developing flag (well, unless it is possible in a vacuum !!!). Consider the claims in more detail.

  1. The unfortunate flag

In the video you can see that when installing the flag canvas vibrated. Representatives of the lunar conspiracy are convinced that this is a banal wind on the pavilion. There is no air on the moon, which means lies!

  • Answer: This is not the wind, but the effect of damped oscillations that occurred at the time of installation. In addition, the lack of air on the satellite and led to the fact that the oscillations seemed to be delayed in time.
  1. Astronauts did not jump high enough

Lunar gravity is much less than Earth's, so the astronauts had to jump. The debaters believe that on the moon the jump height should have reached several meters.

  • Answer: Of course, the astronauts became “lighter” by their own weight, but remember that they were wearing heavy space suits and a life support system. And the higher the jump, the harder it is to keep balance. Any fall could cause damage to the suit, so you had to be as careful as possible.
  1. Launches of unmanned aerial vehicles

The falsification should be qualitative, therefore there is a suspicion that the Americans sent unmanned ships to the Moon, which landed and provided the effect of negotiations with the earth control station and telemetry. Then there would be no need for living people. The apparatus was reflectors, which are now scientists use in research.

  1. Effect of radiation on film

Around the Earth are Van Allen radiation belts with high levels of radiation. When flying through this area, films on the camera should have lit up. However, as early as in 1959 we received photographs from the apparatus Luna-3 and subsequent spacecraft. Further studies have shown that with a normal level of solar activity, the radiation site does not carry no threats.

  1. And where is the original video?

Any doubts should have been dispelled by the original video of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. Can't NASA provide it for examination? Alas, can not. In 2009 agency representatives reported that the original was lost, but numerous copies remained.

Of course, for this moment supporters of the lunar conspiracy seized. Is it possible to lose such precious material? True, he was filmed in 1969, but still! On this basis, an interesting theory was born about help from the world of cinema.

In 1968 the film by Stanley Kubrick2001: Space Odyssey” was released. Legend has it that the American President Richard Nixon was so imbued with the picture that he secretly agreed with the director on the formulation of a lunar landing. The shooting was conducted on a secret pavilion in Hollywood.

That's just interesting that Kubrick at the time made films in the UK. He tried not to leave the country, because he was afraid to crash on an airplane.

What do think astronauts?

Lunar plot: space breakthrough or successful American scam

In essence, the Apollo 11 mission was a strong blow from America against the USSR in the space race. After all, the Americans were the first. At that time, agents, spies and intelligence worked to the fullest. If the lunar landing turned out to be a falsification, could the Soviet Union have been silent?

Some believe that in the USSR they knew about the falsification of the flight, but they were silent because the United States had some secret data that could hit the image of the Soviet elite strongly.

In Russia there were supporters of the lunar conspiracy among some scholars and writers. However, those who are related to the space sphere do not take this theory seriously. The Soviet cosmonaut Alexey Leonov in all interviews agreed with the reality of the American flight. The constructor Boris Chertok or cosmonaut Georgy Grechko said the same thing.

Let's not forget that Soviet researchers received signals from the American Apollo 11. Many believe that it would be hundreds of times more difficult to create such falsification than to fly to the moon.


The moon conspiracy has many supporters. However, soon they plan to resume flights to the Earth’s satellite, therefore a new quality of shooting will allow a detailed look at the landing sites, and now every earthman will admire the moon.

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