Will NASA be able to fake a human flight to Mars

Will NASA be able to fake a human flight to Mars

When the human mission of NASA gets to Mars, the conspiracy theorists will say again that this is another trick. Again, repeat the performance of Apollo 11. That's just now for special effects will not be responsible for Stanley Kubrick, but some modern director. However, a flight to Mars is a future reality for which scientists are seriously preparing.

Moreover, experts say that human flight to Mars is not just a real mission, but it could have been realized for a long time. The fact is that at NASA, they simply constantly made other projects on low-Earth orbit a priority. It is important to note that the temporary abandonment of the flight to Mars saved the US government a huge pile of money.

Recall the Apollo program. It was necessary only to deliver people to the moon - the closest space object to Earth. But it had to spend 110 billion dollars! And now think how much you have to pay for Mars.

Will NASA be able to fake a human flight to Mars

The Wadi Rum desert region best reflects Martian conditions on Earth.

Many agree that it would take about 6 months to send a crew of 2-6 people to the Red Planet. So, it is necessary to take care of important resources for a spacecraft, such as fuel, air, water and protection from cosmic rays. The journey is long, so the spacecraft must turn into a kind of home for astronauts with the necessary amount of equipment and fuel for the return journey. To accomplish the mission will have to spend huge amounts of money.

Think fake is cheaper? Well, yes, you just need to bribe all the staff of the space agency, use a real expensive rocket to launch, create samples of Martian soil that can deceive chemical analysis and for a long time pay for the silence of all witnesses.

By the way, to fake a rocket launch is now almost impossible. Each country has satellites and tracking systems. Therefore it is necessary to organize a start. Yes, the rocket may be empty, but still the agency will be forced to spend money on a bright show, a demonstration of the astronaut team, broadcast, etc.

Will NASA be able to fake a human flight to Mars

Assume that the space agency still decided to fake the Martian flight. Here rises an empty rocket. What's next? NASA will have to provide fake astronauts in the capsule within 6 months, simulating a state of weightlessness. Well, this is quite realistic, since NASA has long used aircraft flights to simulate weightlessness and microgravity. It is not cheap, but much more economical than a real flight to Mars. Okay, we fake the flight and imitate landing on the Red Planet. The mission has arrived. What's next? Well, you need to take a picture of the astronaut team, walking along Mars and showing extraterrestrial landscapes. Here we must not forget about two things:

  1. The public will require a shot of the Martian landscape. NASA will get out, if you just take pictures from the movie "Martian". By the way, the film crew used the landscapes of the Wadi Rum desert area on Earth. It is incredibly beautiful there and the terrain really suits to imitate Mars.

Yes, but the specialists still had to get rid of the blue sky and artificially create the impression of a dusty atmosphere. At least, NASA will be able to take ready-made pieces, or use the imitation technology from the film “Martian”.

Will NASA be able to fake a human flight to Mars
  1. If you managed to recreate the Martian landscapes, you will have to somehow simulate gravity. The red planet reaches 1/3 of the earth's gravity. In the film “Martian” this problem was “solved” with the help of a slow-motion camera.

However, the director said that this is an incredibly complex process, so individual movements will still not resemble those that occur in microgravity. In weightlessness, man has to adapt and change his movements. That is, the astronaut team will have to be additionally taught how to pretend on the film set. That is, it is possible to fake a flight, but it will still be expensive, difficult and, in principle, meaningless nowadays. The lunar conspiracy provides plenty of evidence that there were no Americans on Earth. Scientists have long denied these theses, but disputes still do not subside.

Will NASA be able to fake a human flight to Mars

Well, in the 20th century, we can assume that the space race made America take a desperate step and assure everyone that they were on the Moon (this is just an assumption). This made it possible, as it were, to get ahead of the USSR and the rest of the world. But what's the point of doing this with Mars now? In our time, and the picture should be clearer and more evidence.

It turns out that falsification will be quickly revealed by scientists from other countries or Internet gurus. And if NASA really sends people to Mars, then there will still be supporters of the Martian conspiracy, which is not to convince in the reality of what is happening. So we come to the conclusion that NASA remains engaged in the development of the mission and the implementation of a human launch on the Red Planet, and the conspirators will continue to violently correspond in networks. Well, to each his own.

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