Exploitation of asteroids! Why push the cosmic rocks closer to Earth?

Exploitation of asteroids! Why push the cosmic rocks closer to Earth?

Many valuable resources are hidden in the asteroids surrounding the Earth.

The idea of ​​using the earth's atmosphere to catch the cosmic rocks rich in resources seems surprisingly tempting. Just do not let them land! In Hollywood films there is something useful, because all these catastrophes and Armageddon taught us to keep from asteroids as far as possible. Therefore, search and protection systems are being developed, including lasers and rockets, to knock a stone off course.

But engineers from the University of Glasgow (United Kingdom) do not quite agree with this, who dream of doing the exact opposite. Three engineers (Tang Minghu, Colin McInnes and Matteo Kerioti) published a study using aerosine. This is the science of using the resistance of the earth's atmosphere. That is, you can slow down the incoming asteroids in orbit and prevent a catastrophe with the destruction of the planet. The plan envisages pushing space rocks for millions of miles using an unmanned spacecraft and extracting the resulting orbital rocks. Among them you can find platinum and even water. These breeds can serve as points of supply for space stations.

Of course, the same films have repeatedly hinted that playing with asteroids would not be a better idea. Science also confirms that this practice risks leading to disastrous consequences. But the study insists on pushing the rocks no more than 30 m, which in extreme cases will burn in the atmosphere without causing harm.

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