The risk of an asteroid attack is increasing.

The risk of an asteroid attack is increasing.

Czech scientists are concerned that with each passing day the possibility is increasing that an asteroid from the Taurid meteor stream may strike the planet.

The study tested 144 bolides — large meteors exploding in the atmospheric layer. It turned out that a new line was discovered in the Taurids with two asteroids, whose diameter extends to 200-300 meters.

There is an assumption that many other dangerous asteroids with diameters of tens of meters or more remain outside of observation. Therefore, danger grows every time a planet passes through a stream. In the detected line there are objects moving around our star. The earth comes in contact with them every few years and it lasts 3 weeks. At this time, the probability of a hit increases significantly

Usually, asteroids are fragile and burn in the atmosphere, but such large-scale stones can survive and reach the surface, causing serious damage. The study is focused on improving the search for cosmic bodies bearing the danger, which can lead to local or large-scale catastrophe.

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